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What is Keyword Research Services?

“Keywords” are what users type into Google when they are searching for something. You want your business to rank on page #1 of Google for ideally highly searched, relevant “action” keywords.

Keyword research is the core of any successful SEO campaign. You need to know with great detail, what your potential customers are searching for when they are looking to purchase your goods or services. The keyword here being purchase.

You need to be confident that these are the right keywords and phrases that will convert traffic into sales or leads. 

You may have a list of keywords you would love to rank your website for. You deem these to best explain what your business has to offer. This is all good and well, and they may well be keywords that will generate your site large volumes of traffic, but very little in terms of sales or leads.

keyword research services

We’ve seen it time and time again, where clients are ranking well for their ‘dream’ keywords but are left frustrated when after spending their hard earned money, and investing a lot of time to drive their site to the top of Google, their efforts are not providing them with the sort of ROI they had hoped for.

Ultimately this boils down to the searchers intent. What words are your potential customers using when they are looking for information compared to the words they are using when they are ready to make a purchase?

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Keyword Research Services Provider

Our Services

Our keyword research services are, for obvious reasons, as integral to the success of any of our clients search engine optimisation campaigns as on-site optimisation and backlink building. We all know the importance of your website being on page #1 of Google, however it’s important that your website is found when users are searching for the keywords that are going to generate sales and leads.

As a UK based keyword research agency our in-house SEO whizzes will find you keywords that have decent search volume, low to medium difficulty, high organic click through rate and most importantly, keywords that have buyer intent to purchase or enquire about your services & products.