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At SEO Whizz, despite being a top SEO Agency in London, we understand that not everyone wants to outsource or can afford to outsource their SEO. This is especially true for small or start-up businesses.

That’s why we’ve come up with our very own SEO DIY platform. This allows anyone, regardless of budget or experience to increase your Google rankings. Your very own personalised dashboard, creates a customised step by step plan of recommendations to implement to boost your SEO.

Simply set the hours you can spend on your DIY SEO campaign each month and we will come up with your very own custom plan to follow based on your allocated time. The instructions are simple to understand and easy to follow regardless of your skill level.

SEO doesn’t have to be expensive or only for the big corporations. We’re here to make SEO affordable and a realistic dream for all.

Why not take a FREE instant SEO audit today and check out our dashboard in the process.

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